Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Chewing and Spitting

Chewing and spitting (CS) has been a noticeabally more prevalent issue in this past year or two, I've noticed. I've read a few forums regarding CS and noted the two issues of highest concerns for CSers:

1. Does it cause weight gain? and on a related note, how many calories does it add?
2. Are there any long-term harmful effects to health?

Plus a psychological concern:
3. Is it "wasteful", "disgusting", and "wrong" to CS?

CS is by no means a new method used anorexics to keep daily calories low. Why this method is only gaining popularity recently, I have no idea. I don't think anybody can claim to be an expert of CS, but I have used this method for over 4 years now, and almost daily for the past 2 years. This is what I have discovered so far...

1. Does CS cause weight gain? and how many calories are consumed by CS?
LOADS of people have noticed they gain weight in CS. I have not noticed a weight gain associated with CS. It depends which foods you CS on. I will get to this point later.

Not only have I not noticed weight gain associated with CS, I have actually observed weight gain when I don't CS. Usually I CS as a way of meal replacement, which is usually about 2 meals a day consuming only what calories are provided by food stuck in my teeth during CS (that I am unable to spit out entirely between bites). Even if I CS between two real meals, I am still better able to exercise self-control while eating, mainly because CS helps attenuate my food cravings.

If people are always CSing not as a meal replacement, but as an activity between meals and choosing all the wrong foods (see below), it is understandable that weight gain is possible. It depends a lot on the type of food.

I've read in various forums that people CS chips, cookies, and chocolate and noticed weight gain. It's hard not to see why: if you CS a bag of cookies (typically 1500-2000 calories per bag of around 350 grams), and let's estimate that you swallow the 5% that get stuck in your teeth, you're swallowing 75-100 calories. Is that a lot and would that cause weight gain? If you are overweight or obese, I'm sure this will result in weight loss compared to eating the whole bag of cookies. But if you are like me who are medically within or below normal weight and are still trying to lose weight for cosmetic reasons or otherwise (e.g. I lose my job if I get over 90 pounds, or so my employer constantly reminds me), then yes, an extra 75-100 calories extra will cause weight gain. My staple CS foods are breads, and my favourite are tortillas. Both of which are healthy foods in the first place, low fat, and has a texture that is easy to spit and leaves only minor traces inside your mouth.

So the short answer to whether CS causes weight gain: it's all in the way you do it.

2. Are there any long-term harmful effects to CS?

As far as I can tell, no. As mentioned before, I have CSed for 4 years, of which the past 2 years I have CSed almost daily. I remember at the beginning, I received frequent sore throats and hoarse voices. I soon realized I was CSing on all the wrong foods - chips, cereal, nuts. These foods are often too dry (and fatty!). I later switched to softer and more moist foods such as bread (not to mention usually less expensive than chips and cereals and nuts); combined with a noticeable increase in saliva production as my body readjusts to my new habits, I no longer noticed these ill effects. I am quite thirty at times though, which can be easily helped by drinking more water, broth, or diet pop.

As for teeth erosion, I usually brush my teeth and floss even after CS with non-sugary foods like bread. For those who CS using chocolate and other sweets and don't brush their teeth, the effects on your teeth are predictably poor. Take care of yourself!

3. Is it "wasteful", "disgusting", and "wrong" to CS?
I say no to all three. I am neutral towards pro-ana and pro-recovery, nor I'm not here to advocate either CS or eating disorders. I'm just trying to stay alive and stay as happy and "at peace" with myself as possible to avoid my boyfriend and family from worrying themselves silly over me.

Firstly, is CS wasteful? I say that CS is not wasteful. If it is, it's worth it anyways. I used to be a fully restrictor-type anorexic, and because I was so physically ill and mentally obsessed with food, I nearly had to quit school and work. I was no longer functional as a human being. Ever since I allowed myself to CS at will - well, as long as I have privacy, of course - I have been able to take some of my life back into control. I regained my ability to study for school, think for my loved ones and be considerate of them, maybe even allow me to rediscover the enjoyment of food. With CS, I end up consuming a few calories here and there, which probably improves my health a bit, and it is good for taking care of hunger pains.

For several dollars a day which I spend on CS food, I have regained some functionality in my life. For someone like me who is anorexic - hardly living in a way that most would call "living" - CS is almost the only thing that grants some small peace of mind regarding food. CS is not wasteful at all, in my opinion.

Secondly, is CS disgusting? I say that CS is not disgusting, at least not any more disgusting than any other means of food "endpoint". The endpoint of food is always disgusting, one way or the other - as feces (which smells bad), vomit (also smells bad but in a different way), or chewed mush (smells the least bad; in fact, it smells like the food in its original state). Feces is the "normal" endpoint of food (laxative or not), but it adds pounds and inches to your waist, so why do it if you can avoid it? Vomit is the result of bulimia, and any bulimic will tell you about the horrible damage to your stomach, esophagus, throat, and teeth, not to mention weight gain occurring anyways... so if you can avoid it, you should. Spitting out food doesn't damage your the aforementioned organs (discussed in #2), and weight gain can be avoided if you spit thoroughly.

Thirdly, is CS just somehow "wrong"? All I'm trying to do is stay sane while dealing with my eating disorder:a living nightmare that I can only hope to cope with but not heal from. If spending a few dollars a day to generate chewed food mush in my own privacy keeps me sane, what's wrong with that? With all that I've been through, I've at least managed enough self-esteem to say I deserve some means to give myself some small comfort.

Ultimately, I wish I didn't have to CS, but it's one of my best coping mechanisms so far in my life, and I'm going to use it. Stopping CS is currently not on my to-do list - for now I don't mind letting it continue. My mind and heart has been hijacked by depression, food obsession, and suicidal thoughts, and CS helps me cope. Damage control is key in a life when I simply know that I can never be at peace with food, or anything else for that matter.


meganmierau said...

Hm, this is really interesting to hear. I've been chewing and spitting for not too long now, and I've been losing weight, even though I started at a regular weight to begin with. I've been reading up that so many people are gaining weight, so it's good to hear that someone else is losing weight too! :)

Crystal said...

I have been watching alot of eating disorder shows on youtube lately. I first saw CS on the show 'Intervention' and I was like "Wow, you can eat what you want and not gain." but then I started reading you can gain and such. But the thing is, I'm already on a diet which consist of 2 diet shakes as a replacement for 2 meals and then a normal dinner such as salad/vegies and some meat. I have just been using CS to control my hunger pains... lets just say it's becoming addictive.

Anonymous said...

I think that CS is a brilliant way of controlling cravings...especially when you know you would just be eating out of boredom or you crave a particularly bad food. I've been CSing for quite a while now although I am more of a restrictor than a CSer. And it is not as nasty as binging and purging! Just make sure you rinse your mouth after CSing and clean your teeth.

Anonymous said...

This is a dangerous, silly and disordered way of life. Please seek help from a mental health professional if you are engaging in chewing and spitting. Contact NEDA or your local hospital for a referral. Help is out there. This is not a normal behavior.

Anonymous said...

I suppose this is a half way compromise between vomiting and eating. So, yes it is disgusting but not as disgusting as purging and it can be useful for recovering anorexics since they are not so used to swallowing food. You can further streamline this method by swallowing half and spitting half of what you eat. There, isn't that better?!

Anonymous said...

For around 6 months now I've been doing this daily, numerous times a day. Almost constantly, or so it seems like. Sadly I find it both wasteful and disgusting, so I basically end up feeling guilty all of the time. I'm guessing it's mostly because I'm 16, so I end up doing this in my parents house with food my parents buy, and when they see me going into my room with junk food they know I'm doing it (well actually, they think I'm throwing up. my mom found my nasty food wads and didn't believe me when I said I was just spitting it out... even though that makes no sense whatsoever- there's no way in hell I could throw up that much food, that quickly, without making any noise. and why wouldn't I just go in the bathroom?). I haven't noticed any weight gain- actually, I trick myself into thinking I've gained weight all the time, but I never actually do. Still, I can't stand the cravings. I hate thinking about food every minute of the day. And to me, chewing and spitting feels almost like cheating- I know I'm getting a few calories, I always swallow one or two bites, and the fact that I ALWAYS have to be eating makes me feel like I don't have any self control, which as a (sort of, borderline) anorexic is pretty important to me. I'm just waiting for the day I move out and I don't have anybody to answer to.
Ha. This comment is almost long enough to be a blog in of itself.

Anonymous said...

Holy cow, it's fantastic to have stumbled across your blog. I've been CS-ing for almost 7 years now, after going through restrictive anorexia. Like you, CS is my way of coping with anorexia and finding some way to have part of my life back. I can function somewhat "normally"--or at least much more so than was ever possible when I was in the pits of anorexia. I choose to continue CS for the very same reason as you do.

I also found the same results as you regarding weight gain. I gained a considerable amount of weight (about 25 pounds) through CS because I didn't realize how much I was consuming. I was CS-ing mostly all nuts, cereal, chips and trail mix. I wasn't eating regular meals, wasn't thinking I was "eating" at all. But I was gaining weight--and pooping regularly! Not to get so detailed, but I started inspecting that and realizing that I was swallowing more than I ever imagined. Plus, my mouth was often sore inside due to cuts from the chips, nuts and hard foods.

Now I CS daily, but in a "smarter" way, so far as not gaining weight from it. I don't eat meals, only have smoothies with tablespoon of yogurt, sweetener, water and a tablespoon of milk to fill me up, or drink diet soda. I CS with soft foods like bread and stay away from all else. I swish my mouth with water in between swallowing and brush often. I haven't had any dental issues and my mouth is no longer sore.

Thank you SO very much for your post. It's comforting when you find someone else that can relate to your unique quirks that no one else can understand.

Anonymous said...

Hey I read your blog.. Wow! I never knew so many other people c&s. I'm not anorexic or anything just occasionally c&s when i go on a diet. I usually eat bread c&s half and swallow the other half. Just remember your body does need some calories for energy in your everyday life. Swallow some of that sister!

Lisa said...

Happy Holidays! My name is Lisa Hope and I am the assistant editor of Disorder.org. I am contacting you today in hopes of developing a strategic partnership with your website; we have seen your site and think your content is great. Disorder.org is an online gateway for people to find information regarding disorder diagnosis, symptoms, and treatment -- and is continually adding content. More specifically, Disorder.org is starting a campaign to promote awareness about eating disorders of all types. If you're interested in a partnership, please contact me at lisa.disorder.org@gmail.com.

Anonymous said...

About what you wrote that it all depends on how and what types of food you c&s, would you know whether proteins and fats are rather not absorbed than carbs and sugars? According to all i've read and seen carbs and sugars are absorbed already in the saliva. Also, dont you ever get bloating in your feet, fingers or cheeks by doing that? i did gain some weight from c&s which im not sure is weight or just bloating cuz i'd starve myself throughout the day counting as though i ate a ton, not knowing how many calories i have actually absorbed! If anyone know any more info on whether you rather dont absorb calories from c&s protein and fat, (cheese, cream cheese, yogurt tuna and eggs etc) please post what you know.
thank YOu

Anonymous said...

hey guys! ive been c&sing for about two years now. I was dealing with bulimia and had to stop when realizign the terrible effects on my body. but since i have compulsive eating ..cs was my coping mechanism to AT LEAST help me not purge up my food and still get some enjoyment out. okay though....yes maybe it is A WAY and it doesnt physically hurt you badly but honestly....it is so terrible for your mind. there are a lot of ways to calm anxiety and im still on a battle to stop cs. i ended up getting sent to an eating disorder rehab center when i was 17 because my parents thought i was overly purging when they found cups full of it that i had to hide. they didnt believe me. life is such a beautiful thing and i hope myself and you all can one day focus all our thoughts on something else besides food. dont you miss the days where you didnt feel anxious about every bite? there is ways!!! for me...its yoga (which truly has saved my life and still is)..dance, writing, and acting. i just dont want girls reading some of these thinking that since other people do it they shouldnt fight it. its not a shameful thing and dont feel guilty but LETS FIGHT THIS and really live a full life !!! whos with me??? i started this morning and hopefully can keep myself busy enough with yoga and meditation that ill avoid any food trips ...also....IMAGINE ALL THE MONEY WE COULD HAVE SPENT ON OTHER THINGS BESIDES ON FOOD WE BUY ONLY TO SPIT OUT! ah it makes me broke!

Anonymous said...

ive been chewing and spitting for most of my twenties i am 28 now i started when i was 21-i made it up-and it got really bad-then i looked it up on the internet thinking i was the only one with this problem-then i discovered it actually has a name-ive come back to doing it as i am trying to lose weight i stopped doing it for a few years and gained way too much weight---i think it helps even though you can get abit prarnoid about how much you acutally do swallow-though when you look at what youve spat out you feel glad that youve spat it out and its not in your stomach
i have gotten obsessed with it to the point where i have thought maybe i have a serious problem but its my way of coping really-especially with weight loss
it makes sense-chew and spit or face the consequences.
i have had a few teeth out over the past 6 years even though i look after my teeth-i have had gum problems before where i would chew and spit tons of ice cream and it was so cold it did something to the gum on the roof of my mouth.
when i deit i get hungry in between meals so i chew and spit-i think it helps-you dont feel so guilty and most times it actually can make you feel full even though youve probably only swallowed about half a spoon of what you were eating.

ammojones said...

I have dealt with bulimia for 12 years. within the last 2 years I have picked up the chewing and spitting. Verses vomiting - do what you need to do. We all have our own struggles. Is it better to smoke a half pack of cigs rather than spitting out a 75 cent candy bar? It's not normal or healthy, but we all have to deal with our stuff in our own way!

Robin Maner said...

I think you should just do what you gotta do as long as you don't harm yourself along the way. If you're putting your health at risk because of CS, then by all means stop. But if not, then carry on if you wish. Nothing else will matter if your health is poor, you know. Btw, LOL @ getting calories from food stuck between teeth. They have a use after all. Hahaha!

Anonymous said...

with the cs what I do, I don't really eat if I can but being a bulimic makes that hard I do binge and purge at lest 5 time a week witch isn't too bad really. what I do after I cs is drinks some water and purge a little just to make sure that nothing got down there. it dos I throw up till there is only water coming up with no colouring.

Anonymous said...

i am a competitive athlete(bodybuilder) and i'vd CS'd during my contest prep for the past 5 or so years. Now i wouldnt recommend it to anyone as a lifestyle but for 4 months to get my bodyfat down to sub-10% levels it helps immensely, followed with a strict ketogenic diet, 2 hours of cardio per day, and lifting.
the rest of my year i eat like a normal person and love pizza, pasta, etc :) so seriously, get help.

Anonymous said...

When people comment about it being 'wasteful', whats the difference if you spit it or shit it? its the calories you're trying to avoid.

Anonymous said...

hmmm for those who think you can do this and in effect 'have your cake and eat it' - you cant. There are always consequences. I have been doing this for about 4 years. I discovered it as an alternative to being sick and believed i was on to a good thing! wrong! right now i am in total agony! my teeth are in real bad shape and I ALWAYS looked after them. I brush before and after CS. Use a high floride mouth wash and floss daily but you will not prevent the damage cs causes. I have been told i need 4 root canals, one filling and one extraction because it is beyond repair! I will NEVER cs again! Other problems I have had are swelling in my legs and face, heart palpatations and I a have been told i am glucose intolerant (pre-diabetic) and my weight has always been within a normal range! PLEASE stop now!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I was wondering if you could follow up on this post now that it has been a few more years? Are you still doing it and losing weight? thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Thinkers!

The problem is not with you, it's with the food!!! We're so quick to blame ourselves. The processed food is the problem. It's designed for your tongue and the experience of eating it. The companies who make it don't care about your bodies at all!

2 types of food: Living and Dead

Ingest Livings foods – Organic, whole, uncooked fruits, vegetables, soaked nuts and seeds.

DO NOT ingest dead foods – everything processed and cooked. These foods are made for your tongue, not your body. They’re full of toxins and shelf life preservatives to maximize profitability.

I like to eat some fruits, generally bananas, apples or kiwis and if I want the sensation of tasting a chocolate chip cookie then I chew a couple up and spit that dead crap right out. I miss pizza too, so taste, chew and spit that dead crap out too. Yes, the ultimate goal is to avoid all dead foods but after twenty years of being programmed by constant advertising, and being physically addicted to the opiods in grains, breaking the addiction to them is a process. Dead food swallowers are the crazy ones. If you find yourself addicted and putting dead food in your mouth then spit it out! Only allow good things to stay in your body!!! Pure, whole, uncooked, organic fruits and vegetables and some sprouted nuts and seeds if you choose. All the other garbage: Spit it out!!!!

1. Make sure some fruit is in your stomach before you chew and spit so your digestive system has some good material to work on and isn't deceived by the chewing and spitting. The fruit may actually satisfy your craving anyway, try tropical fruits (mangoes, kiwiws, papaya)

2. Take care of your teeth!! Rinse and brush - don't use commercial toothpaste - it's garbage too! Resarch alternative toothpastes.

3. Exercise - You must exercise. Light exercise is best, just make sure it's some movement. The body must move to function. I like recumbant exercise bike with the electronics removed and a desktop jerry rigged ontop so it's like an exercise desk, I put my keyboard and mouse there and I don't even realize I'm exercising while I watch movies and mess with the computer.

Be well, sweet princes and princesses. Be happy and do your best to avoid all the toxins that are forced upon you. Remember: do not swallow anything that is dead. Life comes from life.

Anonymous said...

The thought that cs is disgusting is subjective. Why is okay to sniff, swirl, and swish wine before spitting when we're tasting wine, but when we're tasting food it's a heinous crime against nature and civilization? I cs before (or after) a healthy meal. Healthy food generally bores me to death, but when I can be satisfied with something that is fat filled and has an intersting texture, I can tolerate the healthy food and maintain a healthy weight. Don't get me wrong, I don't care to watch someone's masticated triple chocolate dessert ooze from their mouth, but in the privacy of your own home, what's the big deal? Relax. If you're gaining weight with this method it's because you are swallowing, no mystery.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand how someone can get dental problems from cs. Purging I understand bc there is an acid present. The only thing new is just spitting the food out. Now maybe perhaps the foods that you are spitting out are completely high in sugar or natural acidy stuff, that is probably the reason for dental issues. Other than that as long as you flush your Mouth out with water and brush after cs There should be no side effects p:. But I'm no expert~

Anonymous said...

As the mother of a CS young woman of nearly 30, here are some considerations. TO the last writer, the dental issues are so profound, but so are many other aspects of this disorder.

She has:

-Tooth rot/decay;360 degrees around the teeth, of saliva filled with sugar, as the CS does the chewing and spitting

-Letting the food/spit sit in the mouth while enjoying the flavor without the calories hurts the mouth and gums (gum recession; exposed tooth roots; canker sores; sore throats; upset stomach)

-One day, my daughter called crying, at the age of 24, bc a tooth (molar) had broken off - all due to the damage of CS-she was horrified and I was too, but even that did not stop her compulsion

-1000s of dollars on excessive cavities, gum surgery, "flipper" teeth, crowns, and jaw bone replacement (with pig bone) in the last 9 years!

-Toothpaste: EXPENSIVE toothpaste she uses -prescription formula. Usually given to children whose parents do not provide proper dental care for their kids. My daughter buys it

-Expensive tooth rinses too.. and they only relieve some of the negative impact of CS

-Shoplifting: Because the cravings for sweets etc are so dramatic, and bc you cannot constantly take them from other people's homes, most ED people shoplift at one time or another; My daughter has been arrested 2x

-Filth: No one mentions where they chew and spit... For my daughter, it is in a bag, and sometimes, she gets sloppy and that bag, with its putrid smelling spit, spills, staining rugs, bedspreads, clothes, cars!

-Filth: Because the CS do this action in privacy, (note: If this behavior is NOT a problem, why not do it at the dinner table, or in front of anyone?) (Secret behavior does not sound like healthy behavior), crumbs are everywhere, door handles are sticky (she is always worrying someone might walk in and catch her!), the fridge is a mess, the stove is a mess (from baking brownies, then CS them, and telling everyone they burned(Lies: Lots of lying surrounds food disorders and if they are not a problem, then why lie and sneak? )
Doctors: 1000s of dollars in therapy and nothing has worked; Now, she simply lets it control her...

Relationships: CS takes joys away, and you cannot have a relationship with someone who has such big secrets, who takes anyone's food if it appeals, who disappears for an hour here and there to secretly CS... it erodes the trust in any relationship

She ruined the car we gave her with this activity. It was constantly filled with crumbs, and grime, and horrid smells, and sticky substances... The interior was eventually destroyed, and she simply did not keep up with her constant spitting mess. So we thought once she bought her own car, it'd be different. No... We cannot bear to sit in it

Boyfriends: come and go... her only true romance is with food.

TUMS! Buy a lot of them. She eats them like candy for 2 reasons: Calcium and it coats her stomach so she can take ibuprofen for her aching body

Sad: that is me. Very sad that she has lost so much due to her food addiction.

To lose or maintain weight, exercise appropriately (she is also and exercise addict.. no matter how sick she is, she exercises); go to therapy to find out why you use food in an unhealthy manner; eat a balanced diet... DON'T CS/ STARVE/BINGE/PURGE!! Don't let food and exercise, or alcohol, or drugs, or anything control your destiny. Please. You control your future now, with healthy choices.

Anonymous said...

My name is Kristen Moore Glatstein and I am a graduate student getting my PsyD degree in clinical psychology at the Wright Institute in Berkeley, California. I am asking you to consider being part of my dissertation study. If you are a woman over the age of 18 who has eating disorder concerns, specifically chewing and spitting, and who would be willing to donate a half hour of your time to fill out an online survey questionnaire, I would really appreciate your help. This study is examining the role that emotions play in women who have eating concerns and who practice chewing and spitting. While there are minimal benefits from participating in this study, there are minimal risks as well. However your participation might help to advance our knowledge of eating disorders in general in women so that we as mental health professionals can develop better ways of identifying and treating these issues. If you agree to participate you will be eligible to compete for a lottery gift (two $50 gift certificates at Amazon.com). To participate in the survey, simply click the link below http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/1151237/Survey-for-CS-group and follow the directions from there.

Anonymous said...

I'm a 33 year old mom of 4 and I've only recently started CSing. I have never had an eating disorder and I don't consider that I have one now! I eat very well and Im very healthy! I just have a sweet tooth at times! I actually love this concept but it does have a notion of waste and lack of self control attached to it. For any young women who do this constantly and with healthy food, I would urge you to get help! I only do this occasionally and with junk food, never healthy food! Usually around my period ;)

Anonymous said...

Please get help Anonymous, this is not okay. CSing junk food occasionally is one thing. What you're doing is entirely different! Induced vomiting can cause SEVERE problems.

Anonymous said...

Hi all, I am a CSer trying to stop this disease that is controlling me. There does not seem to be much help on the internet. I can't bring myself to share my problem with ANYONE! But I know that it needs t stop. I am fed up of being lonely, I feel terribly alone even though everyone probably thinks that I have it all. Does anyone know a place (internet) that actually helps rather than glorifies CS? Please share, I found this one googe recently, I have joined the program but I am still looking for articles, websites, etc that support CSers without physically speaking to a therapist. Thanx in andvance. Oh and here is the google article https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qy2UzXf6yaPvRYjGc38kOPfuqyy-1jl0WxXBaxP1toA/edit?usp=sharing

roshi said...

hi, i have been trying to loose weight and its just so hard. i have a room mate that eats like a whale and purges and shes super skinny. i tried purging but not much comes out. i heard about this in girl code and decided to try. to day is day one and i weigh 164lb...ill update in month

Anonymous said...

I am in my early 60's and have been C&S since I was in my late 20's. I found it to be "less harmful" than restricting my caloric intake; which I was doing previously. I agree, it is less harmful than restricting one's calorie intake and does allow me to lead a relatively normal life.

Anonymous said...

I've started csing 3 days ago but NT because I'm addicted to food or anything but because I have tried everything to lose weight diets exercise diet pills and nothing has worked. So I'm anxious to see if this works for me. I'm at 168 now and I'd like to be down to 125-130.witch that's the healthy weight I should be at

Anonymous said...

I'm 39 and csing for a year. I'm trying to stop but the cravings are massive. I eat 3 normal meals a day and only cs on junk food. It is a disorder there's no other way to put it. But I like it. Do not CS on harsh hard foods like chips. You will get mouth sores. Also do not forcefully spit. Just open your mouth and drop it out. This saves your tongue, inside of mouth etc from the harshness of forceful spitting. Finally I think I've noticed something.....when you get urge to cs drink a massive glass of water. Kills the craving and its good for you!

Anonymous said...

I just begin to c&s one week ago today. I don't like the feeling of being stuffed but I love the taste of food. I don't eat just when I am hungry I eat I am bored. I am 100 pounds overweigh and I try not to swallow any of the food that I eat I have tried every diet that there is. I am very beautiful but I refuse to remain overweight. I think this is better for me then weight loss surgery. Hopefully it will be the solution to my life long problem.

Anonymous said...

For those who CS or know someone who does and can't stop, here are my tips to reduce the side effects it has on your body:

1- Eat a meal before you CS, because you need to have food in your stomach to avoid getting ulcers from the acids triggered by the CS and you'll be less hungry which means you'll CS less. (basically think of CS as a dessert)

2- Dont CS on overly sweet foods, like chocolate, donuts, cake etc. Have bread like the OP suggest, or even a burger, basically things that don't overwhelm your mouth with sugar as soon as you bite in it. Reason is the less sweet it is the less insulin you'll release which is very important if you want to avoid insulin resistance.

3- Stay away from crunchy foods like chips, candy bars & popcorn, those things get stuck in your teeth (leading to cavities)and destroy the roof of your mouth & gums.

4- My most important tip: always, always have some baking soda with you, you must rinse your mouth with baking soda (mixed with a little water)right after you CS to neutralize the acidity that's left in your mouth then brush them with a natural toothpaste (sold in organic stores) This will save your teeth in the long run.

5- Have a nutrient dense diet, don't be affraid to eat foods that will nourish your body (fish, kelp, nuts & seeds, veggies & fruits), this will also help reduce the cravings.

6- Keep your CS periods short, try to limit yourself to 5 min, you'll get the sensation of comfort right away so no need to make things last for too long. It's actually better to CS 3 times a day for 5 min than once for 30 min, because the longer you do it the less enjoyable the food becomes and the more damaging it is for your body.

Hope this helps! Hugs, Mary

Anonymous said...

I don't c/s very often but I tend only to do it deliberately for half of a main meal that isn't particularly healthy, e.g. veggie nachos. But I still try and eat healthy every day. It's not such a habit with me, I sometimes forget that I've planned to do it. I do have a history of b/p but more recently it's just binging and that is when I'm most likely to c/s if I'm having one of those episodes. It's been very helpful.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mary, these CS tips were brilliant of you!

Anonymous said...

I don't get it, many said that CS causes dental problems because the acid or saliva or whatsoever. BUT that acid or saliva or whatsoever will still be there in your mouth even when you're real eating. So are you basically saying that you can get dental problems by eating (actually swallow all the foods down) too?

I'm new to CS and been doing this for a week now, thanks God I found this blog because I've been CS-ing snacks that will definitely cause weight gain. Thank you for telling me that I should CS my main meals to lose weight :) But of course, I'll make sure I get half of the meals down to my stomach to prevent severe hunger.

Anonymous said...

There still isn't much online about this. I have to think that the people who get dental problems are C&S sweets and are doing it a large part of the day. It's not that expensive, either. I choose a processed carb that costs less than $2, and the item can last a few days. This is much cheaper than one cup of coffee. It has to be a lot healthier than smoking, which is another mouth-related relaxer.

The one thing I don't like about it is that it's not reducing my cravings for junk food. I would rather not crave junk food.

I will try and remember to come back on in a month or two and report back in. I also plan to start walking daily.

JL said...

I agree

JL said...

People you don't spit everything out. You eat apples and oranges and fruit and some veggies. You don't spit that out. The only thing you spit out is hamburgers, hotdogs, french fries... that kind of thing. You spit out the crap. You should never be hungry you should eat really healthy food. And do not spit out the healthy food, just the crap.

JL said...

Congratulations on your weight-loss. It feels good to have a flat stomach. If that means you have to spit out spit some junk food out, then do it. Sometimes you want to indulge in a big juicy hamburger it's better to spit that out in a napkin. Just don't spit out your veggies and fruits.